Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Charles Dennis Poetry, Spoken Word

Charles Dennis Poetry, Spoken Word

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Beyond Life

Tears start to swell behind my eyes,
thinking of then and things said,
reliving I feel fragile today.
A droplet finds its way across my
cheek, as I wipe it away with the back
of my hand, I say all of the things I
have felt through the years.
I stare at a blank sheet of paper,
hoping as I start to write, my words
will carry answers, or at least
comfort me. My tongue tastes the
salt from a stray drop my hand missed
as it moved across my cheek again.
I try and try to put my feelings on
paper but all I see are a spattering
of wet gray dots in an outline of your
face looking at me. You were to young,
far to gentle and kind to have life
ripped from you. I stand watching,
waiting, hoping, as the gates gently
open without a sound, solace at last.
I’ll be waiting my love,we will be
together beyond time, beyond life.

© 2010 Charles Dennis

Saturday, March 13, 2010

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


You have the GLOW, I saw it when I was just a little boy, some
women have it others don’t this GLOW has always fascinated

The GLOW is kindness
The GLOW is heart
The GLOW is happiness
The GLOW is art
The GLOW is chance
The GLOW is wisdom
The GLOW is living
The GLOW is a start
The GLOW is harmony
The GLOW is poetry
The GLOW is freedom
The GLOW is smart
The GLOW is beautiful
The GLOW is life
The GLOW is you my love.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Memories 1

It’s sad when I think back and try to remember, I know
we were best friends, my mind tells me so, but it
plays tricks on me now.

I would like to remember, but memories have faded over
the years, a sign of growing older I guess.
I refuse that thought, It means I’m on
my way to being old, and I know that can’t be.

But life carries on, one step at a time and I do remember
being friends, but now just someone I know, an
acquaintance, with a family, kids, grand kids.

I now have memories from not so long ago which
I share with friends and family whose
memories grow old like mine,
till we come to the end.

© 2009 Charles Dennis


I used to know who you were, that was long ago.
Are you still that same person?

I’m not. but it’s ok, there is no need to pretend,
just because we knew each other once,
I think they were good times then.

Then was a time I only remember bits and pieces
of, I remember good things, though
I’m sure there were bad times also.

But the brain is fickle now, I’m sure it knows now
what it knew before, but now hides from conscious
thought, for reasons I do not know.

What was your name?

© 2009 Charles Dennis